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Pure Golden American Classic CD CGC


7/20/1988 - 12/22/1999

Cummings Pure Golden Sage CD x Amber's Golden Buffy
Classic's full Pedigree

Classic's Story:

Classic was my first Golden and my first "red dog". I had raised a Golden puppy for the Seeing Eye and decided I wanted one of my own to train and show. Classic was to be the start of my Golden Retriever kennels. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 2 and I had her spayed. I had taken Classic to obedience training classes starting when she was 8 weeks old. I had dreams of making Classic an OTCh. Well, she did finish her CD in 3 straight shows from the Novice A class and then we moved on to Open. She was fully trained through Open and part of Utility when I started showing her in Open at trials. I began to realize something was wrong when she refused to jump at every single trial we entered. She was notorious for going around jumps. I knew she was trained so off to the vet's we went to look to see if something was wrong. This time she was diagnosed with arthritis of the elbows and she was only 4 years old. She also became very sick with pneumonia which left scars on her lungs that hampered her stamina. So, her obedience career ended there. She didn't mind. She loved retirement and lived for playing fetch with her beloved tennis balls. She was an avid retriever and loved to swim. However, due to her lung problems, swimming also had to become part of the past. We compensated for that with a baby pool, where she would love to lie on the hottest days. She lived a good, full life in retirement and I lost to her osteosarcoma, 6 weeks after being diagnosed, on December 22, 1999. She was 11.5.

Classic, me and Nikki.
My beautiful red dog.
Classic enjoying the sun.

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