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Boo will be bred in 2008!

Check back for details on the stud dog.


Tia and Chase from the Storm litter. Tia's on the left.

Boo will be bred next year. I am still working on picking out the ideal stud dog for her. She just passed her CCA and has all of her clearances. She will also be starting to work on performance titles. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Due to the high volume of spam generated, email me at trinitygldns(at) Please replace the "(at)" with an @ sign. I've disabled all other email links in this site.

Thank you for your interest in a puppy from Trinity Goldens.

Although I've had Goldens since 1986, I did not breed my first litter until 1999. This was my Billy Joel litter and they were out of my "Nikki" and by "Casey" - Ch. Goodtimes Best Case Scenario CD JH WC (OS). This was a litter of 6 - 5 boys and 1 girl. Click here for pups names and more photos.
A tiny Dakota - from the Billy Joel Litter.
My second litter was the Storm litter. Storm is a common litter theme, however, last year, they were predicting a massive blizzard here on the East Coast for the day the pups were due. Thankfully, as most people realize with the weather, they were wrong and the storm was not as bad as expected. But we still HAD to go with the Storm theme. This litter again was heavily weighted with boys - 3 boys and 1 girl. This litter was also out of "Nikki" and by Hunts Hawthorne.
Days old Billy Joel Litter pups. Look closely - there are all 6 there!
Storm litter pups on left, Billy Joel litter pups on right. And yes, the really do sleep like this.
A baby Rio from the Billy Joel litter.

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