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Boo finished both her UKC CD and her AKC CD titles in 3 consecutive weekends of showing. We started off in UKC and she qualified in all 4 trials placing 3rd once and 4th twice and missing a placement on the last trial by 1 point. It was a lot of showing for a totally "green" dog so I'm very proud of what she accomplished. We then went to the Memorial Day shows down in Freehold, NJ where she was showing Sat thru Mon. Sat and Sun she qualified earning two second places. Mon she would have also q'd but went down on the long sit after a very long and hot weekend but a lot of confusion to me and her on the stays. The following weekend she finished up her AKC CD with a 1st place out in Wrightstown PA. We were only showing the one day. Dutch, her 1/2 brother, who is owned by my sister, won the Nov A class for his first time ever in the ring. It was a fun day to have two related dogs of my "line" win their classes.


I just realized I never updated this site for a whole year. Mainly due to the fact that I replaced my computer and the files were on an old drive and it took me forever to switch get them to a place where I could work on them. The main story for 2008 was that I lost my beloved Lexi to hemangiosarcoma. That was August 21, 2008. She is gone but will never, ever be forgotten. I've had Goldens for over 20 years and this is the first time I've run into this dreaded cancer. I pray never again. We also lost Lexi's brother Rio a few days after her. They were always the "twins" to me and it was odd that they followed each other so closely - even living a 1/2 of a country apart.


Coming soon - UPDATE to this website. Been a long time and this needs some work. Stay tuned!

Oct 6: Boo earned her CCA today passing under all 3 judges. So out of a total of 6 evaluations, she passed 5 and got an honorable mention on one, barley missing the pass.

May 3: Today would have been Nikki's 13th birthday. Yesterday was her kids' 8th. Happy Birthday to Rio, Luke, Lexi, Dakota, Sky and Tral.

March 20: I put Tia down today. There are no words to describe the heartache.

March 10: Rio finished his Open agility title making him a VCX (Versitility Excellent) dog. Trinity's FIRST! Go Rio!

Tia is still doing well (knock on wood). 6 weeks and counting.

Feb 16: Tia went to the vet for a check up to see how she is doing. She is doing fine as of now and in fact her lymph nodes are not quite as swollen. So, I take it day by day.

Jan 23: 2007 has not started out well for me. I was planning on a spring litter for Tia and started going to do routine bloodwork to determine optimal breeding time for her. While at the vet, she got a overall checkup which turned up swollen lymph nodes. A full blood panel came back fine, but a biopsy showed that Tia has lymphosarcoma. No breeding and now a limited life span of weeks to a month or so. I have decided not to chemo with her but will treat her holistically as I have for Harley (due to his mast cell cancer) for the last year.


Oct 8th: Lexi and Harley came with me to the GSGRC's annual Obedience Trial and Breed show. Lexi earned her 4th RAE leg and Harley placed 2nd in both his Veteran's breed class and Sweeps class. It was a gorgeous day and it was great to be out with so many beautiful Goldens. All winners and placements can be found at

Oct 7th: Dakota earns his CCA at the Garden State Golden Retriever Club's first CCA event. He earned 3 passing scores. Evaluators were Kay Gosling, Berna Welch and Sue Petermann. Boo earned two passing scores from Kay Gosling and Sue Petermann and missed a passing score from Berna Welch by 1 point. We'll try again!

July 1st: Dakota finishes his UKC Championship down in Freehold, NJ.

March 11: Trinity's FIRST agility title (NAJ) thanks to the multi-talented Rio and his extremely hard working owner Pat.

March 5: New pages added. Dutch x Tia litter here. Show photos here. Will provide link to show photos on top menu soon!

Feb 24: Tia has been bred to Dutch! Litter expected end of April

Feb 18/19: Spent the weekend at the Staten Island and Bayshore Obedience clubs obedience and rally trials. Harley earned his first RA leg and did an outstanding job in the Veterans Novice Obedience class. Lexi earned two Rally Excellent legs to finish her Rally Excellent title and also qualified in Rally Advanced in addition to Excellent on Sunday to earn her first RAE leg.


Dec 29: Almost the end of the year. My newest puppy turned 1 on the 26th so thought it was time she got her own page. Check it out here - Boo - Morningstar Trinity's I See U.

Oct: Both Lexi and Rio (littermates) earned their Rally Advanced title - one weekend apart!

Wow - been a LONG time since I've updated this. Too much going on. The highlights - I'll order them later.

Harley - earned his CD (Oct 2004), RN and CCA (Golden Retriever Club of America's Certificate of Conformation Assessment). Also earned two more UKC Grand CH points in June. Only two to go.

Lexi - earned her CD, RN and CCA. Won the Novice B class at the Garden State Golden Retriever Club's Specialty 10/9, qualified in Nov B at the GRCA National, took 2nd place in May at the Lenape GRC Specialty. Placed 3 out of approx 50 dogs for her 2nd leg on her RN. She has 2 RA legs and will be trying for her title this weekend.

Dakota - Got one pass and two honorable mentions in the CCA.

Boo - introduced a new puppy in March - Morningstar Trinity's I See U. Sired by Kapp - my dog that the Seeing Eye owned. Her page will be up soon. Hopefully.


Oct: FLASH!!!!!!!! Rio earned his Senior Hunter title (SH). Way to go Rio!

Oct 10: Rio won his first conformation point by going WD/BOW/BB. This entitles him to the coveted GRCA Versitility Certificate. Many congratulations and thanks to Pat, his owner, and the various trainers who helped Rio achieve this award.

Oct 3: Harley earned his AKC Companion Dog title - CD. He's now U-CH Manor's Forever In Style CD CGC.

Aug: Once again, Harley is in the UKC Top 10 after winning only 2 Best of Breeds!

July: Rio earns his UKC CDX!

June 25/26: Took Harley and Dakota to the NEMBOC UKC Breed shows in Freehold, NJ. Harley came away with two BOB's and a Group 3 and 4. Dakota came away with 2 RWD, but did not finish his title. I will have Harley's photos up as soon as I get them. These BOB wins MAY put Harley back in UKC's Top 10 once again.

April: TWO new "X's" in the Trinity family! Rio earned his WCX and Luke earned his CDX! Congrats to both boys and their owners.

March 24 - Harley and Lexi earned their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificates at the Garden State Golden Retriever Specialty Match.

March 20-21: Harley earned his first CD leg at the New Brunswick shows. Rio won his Hunting Retriever class at the Dallas/Ft Worth Golden Retriever Specialty and then made the cut in the breed ring down to the final 6-8 dogs!!! And today (21st) Rio earned his first Senior Hunter (SH) leg!!! Talk about versitility!

Happy New Year!!! Updated several pages - Current Dogs, Past Dogs and Tia's page.


November - Just got the news - Rio finished his CDX!!! Yea Rio! Rio is now SHR U-CH U-CD Trinity's River of Dreams CDX JH WC CGC. Truly a multipurpose dog.

July - I had to put Nikki to sleep on the 14th. There is nothing to describe the loss of one your great dogs. She was wonderful and everyone that met her loved her. She was a true ambassador of the breed. She 'died' of a brain tumor, more than likely stemming from the mammary cancer she had in Feb/March. I haven't had the heart to move her from my "Current" dogs to my "Past" ones yet. It's too soon. Thankfully she lives on in her children and I will be breeding her daughter next spring.

One a brighter note, I did go to the UKC trials at the end of June, beginning of July. Dakota picked up 2 of his 3 wins needed for his UKC - CH. He has all the points he needs, he just needs that last win. Along the way he picked up a BOB and a GR 4. At one of the shows, I took Harley along to try for his Grand Championship. He won one of the classes going all the way to a Group 2. Unfortunately no photographer at that show, however, I will put up Dakota's win photos soon.

Finally, Tia now has all of her health clearances - OFA 'Good' on hips and elbows clear. I will PennHip her in the fall. But I am currently researching stud dogs for a Spring 2004 breeding. I will be looking at dogs with strengths to complement her structural weaknesses and with good health and longevity lines. Inquiries are invited for this litter. I will be looking for possible show/performance homes for some of these pups.

Feb/Mar: Nikki is on hiatus while recovering from surgery following a cancer scare. She currently is fine and I'm hoping to have her back in the Utility ring as soon as possible. She was diagnosed with complex adenocarcinoma (i.e. malignant mammary gland tumor). Thankfully it seems it was caught early and totally removed and hopefully has not spread. This is not an inheritable cancer, but approximately 25% of unspayed bitches will develop it. A very, very good reason to spay your bitches when they are young. If done before their first heat, there is almost no chance of them developing this type of cancer.

Photo added of Nikki's first UD leg. Check it out at the bottom of her page.

Jan 18: Nikki earned her first leg today towards her Utility Dog title at the Camden County Kennel Club show with a 3rd place! We'll be back down there again tomorrow to try for leg number 2. You need to earn 3 'legs' (i.e. qualifying score) to get a title.

Jan 1: Happy New Year! Added new photos and text to Rio's page.


Rio's WCX qualifying photo. He's second from the left with his handler Rita.

Photo by Jim Mitchell

Trinity's Storm Chaser aka "Chase"
Snoozin' after a meal

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